Carefree Toland Pools Customer Testimonials


Maio Family Testimonials

Jake Toland really knows his business and he's quite helpful. The automatic swimming pool cover is a great product. Coverstars Comp. is thoroughly professional, helpful and friendly people. I think Jake Toland is a good superintendent. Gary Toland has been superb in taking care of everything and taking care of it promptly. He has been terrific, honest and caring. I have never felt that I was "merely a customer", but that Gary, Jake & Karan were as concerned about my pool as if it was their own at their own house. I've shown my pool to many families and have recommended Carefree Toland Pools. I recommend Carefree Toland Pools quite highly. Gary Toland has concern about how his pools go and has great commitment in doing things right, just as his father Joe did before him. I have and will refer Carefree Toland Pools.

Sam Maio